The Casino Effect! – Includes video

Bill_TalkoftheTrack_3_x_0007Casino’s or Racinos as they are called supporting horse racing are popping up everywhere, West Virginia, Delaware, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Arkansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Florida and many more states. The question is why do Casino’s want to associate with race tracks? Do they compliment one another? Statistics have shown that there have been increases in horse track wagering in states that also allow casino/slots-style gaming whether at the track or at off-track betting parlors. This increase indicates that casino/slots-style gaming can compliment horse racing and together become a critical support towards the industry’s attempted turnaround.

Well, once again the question is why do Casino’s or Racinos want to associate with race tracks? Is it to provide a better product for their customer? Is it so they can get their licenses for the Casino in a certain state? Well the answer isn’t that easy but one thing is for sure, it is a business and it’s about making a profit. And that’s where the fall-out begins.

While Racinos have been a hit in some states because they have provided higher purses and therefore draw better horses, trainers, jockeys and provided more job opportunities it has also had a negative effect in some other states. In some states race tracks have been shut down or caused much controversy because they have treated the racetracks as a necessary evil or in fact haven’t considered them at all. In Delaware the mere presence of a racetrack 45 minutes away threatens Finger Lakes Racetrack.

In Florida there has been a big controversy involving Gulfstream Park, Calder Casino and Churchill Downs. More than 450 race horses have been evicted from their stables at Calder Casino, leaving them to face an uncertain future all because land is planned for commercial development. Some of the reported 450 have been relocated at Gulfstream while others are housed in tents at Calder.   Many horses and riders are being forced to vacate with no place to go. The conditions at Calder Casino backside are said to be less then satisfactory.

In the following video Ken Ramsey of Ramsey Farms speaks of what has happened in several states and what he sees as the future of racing. He also speaks about how the increased takeout’s affects the public’s betting.