And You Thought Blinders Were for Horses

The racing industry is just one big group of silos and very happy to be that way. You see, that way everyone can be their own boss and control what knowledge is made to prospective buyers and to the public about each horse concerning medications and injuries, tracks, breeders can make their own independent decisions regardless of what others think or what may be best for the racing industry. I mean after all, who wants someone else telling them how to run their own business.

 I wonder why the pharmaceutical industry has to follow the policies of the FDA or the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. Why does National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) have an organization and Board of Directors? I wonder why these groups have a mission statement that is clearly focused and understood?

You see, when individuals (silos) decide what problems they are dealing with it usually accommodates their own agenda. So, it may be the whips, the meds, track surface or something else. Or it may be a matter of state regulations.  After all, does California want to have less influence than Kentucky or New York. Who doesn’t want to be the big cheese?

Well, since we can’t get over the power plays or silos of the industry let’s just bury the sport of horse racing. After all, the powers all have their money.

There is a mistrust in the racing industry that can only be restored with a united effort. One that includes representation of all the major influences. People we can have confidence in.  

Why not have someone like an Elliott Walden or the Taylor’s who have the knowledge of the industry pull together the proper representatives from each racing state, owners, trainers The Jockey Club, tracks, veterinarian representation, and come up with a plan to structure an official governing board with the authority to make decisions for the thoroughbred racing industry thereby eliminating all of the silos of the industry. Maybe start with a meeting at the Belmont Stakes in June? Someone step forward!