If Wishes Were Horses…If You Care…You’ll be There. August 3, Saratoga.

Marion E. Altieri, New York WriterIf you’re reading this, you know that there are many services that horses perform for humans, and have done for millennia:  plowing, packing, transporting, racing, equestrian sports.   As equine civilization has evolved, and human society has evolved parallel to it, The Horse’s role has morphed and changed, depending on the humans and societies with which horses interact.  (Unfortunately, this is because horses are prey animals and humans are predators–so in order to survive, horses who interact with humans have learned to “go along” when they need to, to survive.)

One of the roles of The Horse–a role that’s too-often overlooked by people who would benefit tremendously by this equine role–is that of, Therapist.

If Wishes Were Horses 2016Now, human hearts like mine–those of us who were blessed to have grown up around horses, or suddenly who discover horses later in life, with a Life-Changing, Thud–know that the very foundation of our relationships with horses is that of Therapist and Patient.

Humans may think that we’re saving horses, when we rescue or retire lovingly–but what we’re really doing is pulling a horse out of a rotten (even, life-threatening) situation–getting the horse propped up/well-fed/vet-cared–then, lovingly bringing that horse into our tribe, and setting the horse free to do her/his work as a Therapist.

Nowhere during my Life Journey to-date have I received better or more insightful therapy than in the eyes and heart of a horse.

No human, anywhere, is exempt from the horse-sized hole in their spirits–that space that’s just aching for a gentle, innocent, absolutely-accepting spirit to come along and speak to the deepest spaces.  The spaces that no one else can touch.

Certainly, no human can dwell in that space, and make it feel safe again. Or, safe for the first time.

This is where ACTT Naturally comes in.  I shan’t go into the long details about the organization–or about Founder, Valeria Buck.  It’s a race day in Saratoga–you’re eager to get on with your betting and such.  You really don’t want to read MY words, or take the time.  But you can read all you need here, on ACTT Naturally’s website.    (Below.)

The one thing that I WILL tell you is that Valeria Buck and her Team take horses who need homes–re-train them for new careers–and put them to work as Therapists on the ACTT Naturally farm.  The horses do Soul Therapy for women and teenagers.

So many broken souls.  So many souls like MINE–fractured, in need of acceptance after a traumatic experience.  So many women and teens who just need somone to hug them back, and affirm, heart-to-heart–that Everything Will Be OK.

This may very well be the greatest gift, of all:  to introduce a human heart to the heart of a horse.  (Believe me, I know whence I speak, about hearts.  Both physical and symbolic.  And I can attest that, since my open-heart surgery in April–the BEST therapy I’ve received has been the first moment after I got home, that I hugged a horse–she hugged me–and our physical hearts were as close as they could be.  In that moment, I cried.  I felt her spirit, reaching into my brokenness, and beginning the beautiful task of healing that which no occupational or physical therapist could not.  Even my surgeon–who’s a genius, who was used by God to save my physical life–does not have the power to heal the sadness in my soul, in the way that Ginned Up did.  Is.  Will continue to heal.

God gave to horses a unique job–not that of racing, playing polo or plowing a field.  No, God gave to The Horse something that no one can touch with their/our hands. God gave The Horse the unique ability to touch a human spirit, and work with Divinity, Himself, to heal our brokenness.

THIS is the gift that ACTT Naturally gives to the women and teens who come to them.  This is the gift that will be celebrated and supported  on August 3 in Saratoga.  Please, join ACTT Naturally–contributing to their tremendous mission.  Contribute lavishly and selflessly, the way Valeria and the horses contribute to the Universe.  You never know when YOU will need a horse to act as YOUR Therapist–and in that moment, you will see that, indeed, Karma has come back to you, for you gave to help women, teens and horses.  And now…it’s your turn to receive the blessings.   Thank you.

If Wishes Were Horses:
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
The Saratoga Winery
462 Washington Street, Saratoga Springs, New York
Tickets $45 / two for $80; $50 / two for $90 at the door

Drinks and light fare with paid admission.  🙂

CALL:  (518) 578-6377