Do you have to be lucky to win in horse racing?

Bill_TalkoftheTrack_3_x_0007Well you can never under estimate the part luck plays in anything in life. However if you just rely on luck you will most often come up short. Folks probably don’t realize how much work goes into running a successful horse racing operation. First all if you don’t like getting up early, just forget it. You have no hope. Trainers, jockey’s, hot walkers, farm managers, and staff are usually hitting the floor at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning to only have the horse greet them ready for grooming, exercising, workouts, care, cleaning stalls (usually done multiple times a day if horse is stabled all day), morning food and etc.

You will see when watching the various video’s on Talk of the Track that farm managers have an incredible responsibility caring for the often million dollar stallions and mares. Farms have their fields, dirt and grass analyzed to make sure horses receive proper nutrients and are disease free. They must check for harmful or poisonous plants. The horse farms all are beautiful. That happens at a great expense.

Ken Ramsey of Ramsey farm feels the water his horses drink is in direct relationship to the horses well-being including bone density and overall health of the horse. It seems to play out in the winner’s circle. I have included a short video of the Ramsey view on water.


Veterinary care of the horse is as essential as your own health care. That means vaccinations, medications, dental care, therapist, chiropractors, farriers, dealing with injuries & etc.

There are a lot of different philosophies and practices about raising, and training race horses and their care. All require the love of the horse, work and a tremendous amount of discipline and dedication.

So do you have to be lucky to win in horse racing, well obviously it can help, but as with anything in life you need to put yourself in a position to be lucky and that requires a goal, work, determination and in this case, love of the horse. It is often said, I would rather be lucky than good. Don’t wait on luck!