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Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for and provide installation of hearing loops in every church & public meeting space in the Tri-State area, allowing persons who use hearing aids and/or cochlear implants to hear more clearly.

Our Vision

Our greater Tri-State area will be a community where persons with hearing loss can experience the art, music, conversation and services of this great community without struggle.

Audio Frequency Induction Loops (AFIL) help hearing aid users hear speech more clearly and without the distraction of background noise.

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  • What is an Induction Loop or Hearing Loop?

    An Induction Loop or Hearing Loop is an assistive listening system that can provide clear, customized sound to people wearing tele-coil equipped hearing aids.  Read more.

    What is a Telecoil (or T-Coil)?


    When using a tele-coil with a loop system, the tele-coil in the hearing aid functions as a wireless antenna that links to the sound system and delivers customized sound directly to the listeners aids. Read more.

    Where can induction loops be used?

    Induction Loops can be beneficial in a very wide range of environments, from large venues such as theatres, churches, government building and conference facilities, to one-to-one communications such as ticket counters and meeting rooms. Some popular uses are as follows:

    • Lecture halls, Classrooms
    • TV rooms, any house room
    • Churches, Theatres, Cinemas, Concert Halls
    • Counters, Elevators, Desks, Offices
    • Meeting rooms, Video conference facilities
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