Keeneland’s Real Beauty


As the majestic beauty of Keeneland Race Track comes in view, it is only enhanced by the beautiful fall colors bursting around us.  The multitude of trees lining the drive are displaying their fall beauty in all their glory.

As a Thoroughbred racing fan, the excitement and anticipation is building as the Breeders’ Cup, with a $5,000,000 Classic purse and a Triple Crown winner is just days away.  The beauty of Keeneland, at this time of year, is enhanced by the beautiful creatures that give us so much joy and excitement.

Fall also reminds us that with the falling of leaves, and a chill in the air, it is also a time of reflection that with the gift of the glorious colorsHorses_Track around us that soon this beauty will be replaced with the beauty and sometimes harshness of winter.  This sadness brings to mind the beautiful creatures that unfortunately have been taken from us during the last few days.  These beautiful, incredible animals give us much joy and excitement and are truly a gift that we should appreciate and be thankful for.

So each day now brings us closer to the excitement of watching these fantastic Champions give us their all.